Summer Time Is Here!!

This dress is perfect for summer because it’s a bright orange that will make you glow in the sun! This dress also has brown beads that add that extra color flair. This dress comes about mid-knee and is a tube-top cut.

This dress is perfect for just a day outside enjoying yourself at the park or just enjoying the sun anywhere you are! with a very neutral color complete with an arrangement of  flowers and a light pink bow around the waist this dress is not too uver the top or too dull…it’s just right!

Don’t feel like wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt? Then go with a comfortable summer dress with light colors that flows smoothly. This dress is perfect for anything from going to the park to partying with your friends to just being lazy.


I think that this spring look on Kelly Osbourne is SUPER cute! She is petite and this dress does her justice! The bow around her waist, being a slightly darker purple than the dress, draws your attention to her smallest part. The ruffles on the lower and upper part of the dress puff out just enough so that it gives her that hourglass figure.

The of light shade purple of the dress is suites her skin color and doesn’t make her look like a ghost or make her look like she has spent too much time in the tanning bed. Kelly’s shoes are a very neutral color so that they don’t take your attention away from the dress but still add a little bit of sparkle.

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